In ancient times, people used “divination rods” to detect water in the land. A team of environmentally committed professionals created divirod in Boulder CO as a modern, updated version of this classic tool to provide scientifically based water readings to meet the needs of a fast-changing world.

Meet the team behind divirod.

In the USA alone, there are about 920 million acres of agricultural land. According to the USGS, in 2010 about 65 million acres were irrigated and consumed more than 110 billion gallons of water per day, which accounted for almost 40% of the freshwater withdrawals. Irrigation systems informed by soil moisture monitoring have already reported savings in the order of 30%. If you care for our planet, using divirod’s technology and data services you can be part of a community that saves collectively millions of gallons of water across the nation!

Farmers need to know sooner how their soil is so that they can manage their crops better. This helps them increase crop yield, create better quality products, manage water use more efficiently, and make a positive impact in their profit margins so they can live a better life.

Environmental monitoring agencies and organizations around the world are constantly seeking to help their communities manage water more efficiently, whether in developed or developing nations. By knowing the level of water in whichever aspects of local environment, we can better adapt our resources.

In transportation, water can be highly destructive and disruptive. By measuring roads and surfaces like airport runways, with this technology, we can assist in safer transport for everyone.


Our mission is to enable people in water-sensitive industries to make informed decisions on scenarios where the understanding and management of water content is essential.


Our vision is to improve water conditions for a more sustainable future.