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divirod’s data services go beyond irrigation controllers and provide a wealth of information for sound decision making.

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Among divirod’s data services offerings, there are near real time soil moisture maps of your property, reservoir capacity, as well as key time-varying statistical parameters that enable the identification of trends and forecasts.


divirod’s technology offers the advantage of anticipating problems. Measuring soil moisture content in near real time puts you in control of your irrigation plans from seeding to harvest providing thus ideal conditions to maximize your crop yield and avoiding stress or withering. Monitoring water level in reservoirs enables you to forecast capacity and control water usage.


The benefits of monitoring are numerous. You can substantially reduce the costs of irrigation to a minimum and increase your productivity. Your savings can potentially extend even further as irrigation is just the beginning. This way, while saving dollars and making your investment more profitable, you are also helping preserve our natural resources.


We enable your access to scientifically proven observations. Your dashboard offers visuals that translate multiple measurement points into practical and informational diagrams. We have extensively tested and validated our products to ensure the highest quality possible. We take care of the complexities while you focus on your business.



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