divirod provides sensor technology, data analytics and machine learning for the development of advanced closed loop control irrigation systems.

Our proprietary sensor is the first commercially available remote sensing device to map soil moisture content across large areas, from which we enable intelligent decisions in closed loop control for irrigation systems.

Our sensors are based on passive microwave reflectometry and produce maps of soil moisture during day and night and under most environmental conditions. The measured data is continuously processed in order to derive intelligent decisions for irrigation systems as well as a wealth of additional key parameters to inform the customer.

In an agricultural field, divirod‘s sensors are located at fixed locations above ground and can be conveniently placed away from your daily activities, e.g.┬ápreparing the soil, seeding, scouting or harvesting. During the winter, our device does not need to be removed and will still be collecting valuable data to prepare your planning for the next season.

divirod‘s sensor communicates via cellular network with our cloud where the measured data is converted in actionable information. Our algorithms extract multiple soil parameters and get smarter at predicting soil behavior. Key information is available via APIs on your computer, controller or cloud. Higher level analytics provide valuable information for decision making in a variety of sectors.

Fly divirod, fly!

Although our primary applications are designed for fixed installations, we have also demonstrated the capability of our sensors on board drones. The measurement device is a lightweight sensor and easy accommodation on a drone. Soil moisture maps can be produced in minutes after the flight.

We’re┬áproud to have invented this exclusive technology, and look forward to sharing it with you!