Water impacts all people equally.

Mapping the world of water to predict and manage the future.

Divirod is a water infrastructure and analytics company. Our technology is changing the way we understand and view water.

Divirod is a water infrastructure and analytics company. Our technology is changing the way we understand and view water.

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Divirod provides several solutions that are available today for water management, coastal monitoring, and keeping tabs on snow accumulation totals across commercial roofs.

Discover some of the ways Divirod is already being deployed in your community below, or contact the Divirod sales team today to request a one-pager or for any additional information.

Tailing Pond Monitoring

Constant monitoring and timely management of pond levels is a must have for safe operations in the event of heavy rain storms. Leaks in the pond or collapse of tailing dykes can lead to catastrophic environmental impacts with huge financial consequences to the operation. The large content of particles in suspension and sediments makes traditional level monitoring inadequate to provide accurate readings. Divirod Tailing Pond Watch monitors these issues for you.

What can Divirod do for you?

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Water Supply Monitoring

Water is the life blood to most large scale operational areas. Standing bodies of water are more difficult to measure than one would expect. They are not always where you think they will be and often the past methods of measurement require enormous amounts of manual intervention, callibration and maintenaince. Divirod Water Supply Monitoring offers 24/7 real time Water level data, automatic reporting to governing bodies, and never before seen accuracy.

What can Divirod do for you?

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Coastal Monitoring

More frequently than ever, coastal areas are impacted by tidal surges, strong wave activity, and a threatening longer term sea level rise in a few decades. The economic impact of these problems are gigantic and cannot be ignored. The damages affect both individual property owners and corporations, and also cause major disruption of critical infrastructure such as electrical supply. Current preventative measures are limited since they are based on scarce, publicly available information sources. Divirod Coastal Resiliency brings you awareness where it matters to you.

What can Divirod do for you?

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Divirod Roof Watch

A healthy roof is vital to building safety, durability of assets, and mitigates operational risks. Water impacts commercial real estate and large warehouses in its many forms. Snow and ice increase load on roofs, which can lead to collapse. Clean drains are essential to avoiding backups and pooling which can lead to damage inside and outside a facility. Divirod Roof Watch monitors these issues for you.

What can Divirod do for you?

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Divirod is a water infrastructure and analytics company. Our technology is changing the way we understand and view water.
Put data
to work

Divirod’s platform services address a wide variety of urgent, scalable problems and customers, such as alerts for risk management and damage evaluation for insurance purposes, delay avoidance for logistics companies, planning and reporting tools. Our platform is laying a foundation for future water and commodities markets.

Weather Forecasting
Reporting + Analytics
Insurance Savings
Planning + Anticipation

Powered by global satellite networks.

Our Divisense Platform is powered by a global, billion dollar network of satellites, giving you 24/7 monitoring worldwide.
Millimeter Precision. Broad Coverage.

Our Divisense Platform acts as a gigantic radar system. It achieves unparalleled precision by continuously combining the large spatial coverage of our sensing technology with the extraordinary quality of a global, billion dollar network of satellites.


How It Works.

01 Satellites in Orbit

Divirod leverages a multi billion dollar constellation of existing satellites that are constantly in view of our sensor network.

02 Signal Reflection

Our proprietary sensing technology detects unique signatures in reflected signals.

03 Capture + Transfer Data

Our sensors constantly upload their data to servers worldwide. This new reflection data is seamlessly merged with existing data.

04 Viewable in Dashboard

The Data is parsed, processed, and visualized into rich dashboards, water risk alarm thresholds, and more.

Revolutionary sensing technology.

Broad Range
Always On
10x more accurate than existing technology
10 Acre Coverage
Sensing unit installed high and outside the water providing an extensive field of view
True 24/7 Operation
Not impaired by weather or time of day. No maintenance required. A true 24/7 operation.
One Divirod sensor is equivalent to over 300 hundred traditional sensors. No calibration required.

Water in Every Form.

Ice + Snow

Divirod’s technology is able to map biomass and soil moisture content across large areas.

Oceans + Water Bodies
Biomass + Soil

Divirod’s technology also provides accurate information of water level in reservoirs and lakes, as well as oceanic tidal patterns and wave activity. 

The same Divirod sensor is able to measure snow accumulation, snow density, and monitor ice thickness.

Predict. Monitor. Report.

Complex water measurements are transformed to easy to interpret visuals and actions putting the customer in absolute control.

What can Divirod do for your community?
What can Divirod do for your community?
Reservoir Management
Coastal Monitoring
• Storage Measurement
• Tide and Wave Measurement
• Intuitive Data Visualization
• Dam Safety
• Flood Damage Reports
• Intuitive Data Visualization

Coming Soon

• Smart Alerts
Coastal Erosion
Soil Moisture
• Smart Alerts
Vegitation Monitoring
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Our Team

Dr. Javier Marti
CEO, Founder

Javier’s experience is built from managing multimillion dollar international projects for Space and Earth sciences. He has also led the design, building and operations of some of the most challenging infrastructure hardware and data systems on the planet. His never ending international exposure makes him appreciate the wonderful diversity of our world. He earned his PhD Summa Cum Laude from the Technische Universiteit Delft. Javier’s real passion is cooking!

Adam Wilson
Head of Product, Co-Founder

Adam is a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded Sphero in 2010; a robot company responsible for bringing joy and education to millions of kids through programmable robots and amazing educational content.  He has a unique vision for the future, a relentless drive to focus on execution, and is a contributor to over 15 technology patents.  Adam’s real passion is “making”. He has a full size R2-D2 in his living room, loves to judge kid’s science fairs, sits on the NHS board of University of Northern Colorado where he graduated with a undergraduate degree in Math & Physics, and you may have even seen some of his work as a spokesperson from past Microsoft commercials!

Dr. Heiko Udluft

Heiko Udluft is proud to be part of the team that is building a data platform for the world’s most valuable asset: WATER. As CTO of Divirod he is building our digital services with a team of developers in close collaboration with Business Development and Sales. Previously he worked as Product Owner, Tech-Team Lead and Data Scientist for Airbus Defence and Space GmbH in a business incubator. His background is in Aerospace Engineering with a specialization in Air Transport and Operations. He completed PhD-level research on decentralized control at Delft University of Technology. In this research, he applied Artificial Intelligence methods, specifically Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation to increase the resiliency of critical infrastructure. Previously, he worked and studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a focus on improving the capacity and efficiency of a large-scale infrastructure system. His passion is in exploring technology and knowledge that can be implemented on a global scale to sustainably better human lives.

Todd M. Williams, PE, PG
Chief Growth Officer

Todd’s interest in water and conservation began in the 1970s/80s on the plains of South Dakota. His 40+ year professional career includes executive leadership and management in the water, environmental, engineering and risk management professional services across a broad spectrum on infrastructure and natural resource related markets. Over the past 10 years, he has immersed himself in technology-related businesses with an emphasis on collecting/converting data into actionable intelligence and productivity-related growth/investment themes. His ongoing exposure to water-related issues has fueled his desire to seek greater actionable insights and transparency regarding water risks/opportunities to create resilient/sustainable economies across the world. He resides adjacent to water almost every day…

Michael Walker
Director of Operations
Damon Arniotes
Creative Advisor
Scott Caruso
Business Advisor
We can help you reduce water risk, conserve water usage, and measure water in ways never before possible.
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