Sustaining a growing population

The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has released a report on the state of food and agriculture including an outlook on next decades. The risk of hunger and poverty in the World is increasing due to a growing population and the effects of climate change. At a phenomenal rate, millions of people will need more food from existing agricultural supplies in the next decades.

The report also outlines the relevance of adopting measures to limit the impact of agriculture in climate change in order to mitigate the risks of hunger and poverty. Among the measures to be adopted, Precision Ag is presented as a vehicle to decrease such risk by almost 8%. The introduction and use of new technologies that help increasing yield and preserving water fully resonates with divirod's mission.

When to start? Who should act? What to do? If you are already asking yourself these questions, we would be glad to help you contribute.

Off to a Vibrant Start!

Launching a web site marks a before and after when starting a company. divirod is no exception and today we have gladly achieved this milestone.

The start up atmosphere is latent these days. Everyone is busy and helping each other. Today as an example, in the midst of reviewing content and photos, ensuring consistency of styles across pages, and coordinating a more than distributed team, we have continued our testing activities.

Today we flew one of our sensors on a drone and gathered very interesting datasets. This is part of a test and validation campaign using drones, which we started last month. Every week we test different mounting configurations and analyzed data to come up with the most robust measurement arrangement.

Still a lot of work ahead of the team, but everyone is very happy to march together in this new adventure!