Imagine the Difference

When water is digitized, intelligent algorithms can unlock unique water insights from the data. Forecasts, trends, enhanced visuals, regional awareness, geo-localized information are just a few possibilities to enable effective decision making.
Imagine visuals with exactly what matters to you and just one click away from more detailed information for efficient management of water resources, improved emergency response operations and planning.


improve your planning by having forecasts and geographical situational awareness with alarms tailored to your operational needs


have an accurate knowledge of available water resources at all times to improve reporting and visibility


address and report on your sustainability goals with reliable and verifiable water and hazard information

Power of the Network

increase your local awareness of regional water trends and forecasts

Asset Protection

minimize losses by making decisions and taking early actions to reduce the severity of floods, storms and other natural disasters


access better insurance premiums with a unique water alarm system that also provides verifiable claims and reports

How smart is your community about water?

Manual logging and analog readings are inefficient practices that lead to costly errors. Current digital instrumentation is also environmentally intrusive and expensive to deploy.

Cities and Companies already benefiting from the DiviSense network

Proprietary Sensing Devices

Our first home-grown sensing unit, DVS-200, covers a very large area. It can be rapidly deployed and mounted on existing infrastructure (poles and buildings) near the area of interest. Data has been validated against leading sources of water and snow information.

The Power of the Network

What happens nearby will happen at your location soon. Regional context is key to forecast water trends and eventual local threats. As our network grows, more water gets digitized and consequently your readiness to respond increases.

Amazing science behind our Sensors

The system works as a passive bi-static radar that captures water information from multiple reflections of signals emitted by satellites. Our cloud-based algorithms produce large mosaic-like informative maps.

Direct ways to access water data

Reduce the effort to access relevant information. You may choose from simple graphs to full datasets.

Live Visuals

These live data visuals are easy to use and share with a simple code snippet on your website.

Raw Data via API

Our API makes integration into existing water management systems a snap!  Or for the data curious, we offer simple API data plans to access our global network of digital water.

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Let's get DIGITAL!

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Divirod is dedicated to building the World’s largest REAL-TIME map of water. We are committed to sustainability and equality.